Hair tutorial: How to get princess-style curls with a curling wand

How to use a curling wand

How to style your hair with a curling wand

If you’re fed up of getting into a tangle with curling tongs and GHD straighteners, and find your curls fall out within a few hours, then look to the styling power of a curling wand!

Curling wands are so easy to use, you just wrap your hair around the wand, hold for a few seconds then let the curl fall off the wand. This is now my go-to curling method and allows me to add some natural-looking curls and waves in just 5 minutes – trust me I’ve been through my fair share of curling tools!

I use an Ionica curling wand which only cost me around £25 but there are some good alternatives on the market of different price ranges. Depending on how you use the wand you can get sleek 1920’s style waves or summertime beach curls.

I get lots of lovely compliments when I style my hair like this so I wanted to make a video tutorial to show you how I get my waves! I’ve added in some haircare product recommendations too which help you get this princess-style look and you can find links to everything I used within the description of the video.

Visit my fledgling YouTube channel and subscribe if you enjoy this curly hair tutorial as I may do some more! Make sure to watch in HD! You might also like my Pimp Your Plait and 5 Easy YouTube Hair Tutorials blog posts.

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