The wedding diary #3: ‘Be my bridesmaid’ gift boxes

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It’s almost 12 weeks since K proposed and time has flown by! Working that out makes me feel a little better about my huge to-do list as we’ve achieved quite a lot in a short space of time. However with 47 weeks to go until the big day I’m not taking my foot off the pedal!

‘Be my bridesmaid?’ gift boxes

One of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning so far was asking my bridesmaids! I wanted to do something special, and a little unique, so created these ‘Be my bridesmaid’ boxes to ask them.

I bought some pretty floral gift boxes, filled each with shredded paper and nestled little presents inside. Each box included a packet of confetti, heart-shaped chocolates, a framed photo and a mirrored jewellery box. Within each jewellery box I placed a ring box that I decorated with tiffany-blue tissue paper and lace ribbon, adding a ‘Be my bridesmaid?’ message inside. When opened, each box revealed a little silver ring and the surprise message! I also added a Lush heart-shaped bath bomb in each box so when the lids were taken off the smell of roses wafted out.

I found some apt greeting cards to write personal messages for each of my bridesmaids and wrote on the envelopes ‘open me last’ so to not ruin the surprise. I sent the boxes to arrive just before Valentines Day and wrote a message on the packaging instructing them ‘not to open until the 25th’. Being curious little bridesmaids two of the three girls googled the postmark to see where they had come from and the third box was a week late to arrive so my sneaky plan didn’t quite work out but thankfully all the girls said yes!

If you’re getting married then why not create your own ‘Be my bridesmaid’ boxes – or even a ‘Be my best man’ box! You can fill them with anything from hen party paraphernalia to personal gifts. If you know the colour scheme of your wedding day another good idea is to include pieces of jewellery for your bridesmaids to wear on the day. I hadn’t got that far yet so chose dainty silver stacker rings for the girls to wear with their existing jewellery.

If you’ve missed any of my wedding diary entries you can catch up on #1:Big Commitments! and #2: Wedding fairs and the rings.

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3 thoughts on “The wedding diary #3: ‘Be my bridesmaid’ gift boxes

  1. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! We don’t think there would be a gal in the world who would turn down this bridesmaid proposal… Loving the idea of placing something sweet-smelling from the lush Lush in there to hit them with an enticing aroma when they open that box. They’re also so incredibly thoughtful – what an awesome idea! You’re right, this would work equally well for the fellas too. LOVE this idea, Sarah. We found you on the ‘jewellery’ tag on WordPress reader (o:

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