My bedroom haven: Home tips to create a relaxed bedroom sanctuary


It’s National Bed Month, and because I love nothing more than sleep (I’m definitely not a morning person), I’m celebrating this month of duvets and fluffy pillows by sharing my top design tips for making the bedroom the perfect space for relaxation.

I definitely don’t spend enough time in my bedroom, I tend to head upstairs when I can’t keep my eyes open any longer and hit the pillow without taking any time to relax or unwind. Making your bedroom a place you want to spend time in after a long day at work will encourage you to take some ‘me’ time, get tucked up and cosy in bed, and spend an hour or two relaxing before drifting off into dream land.

No.1 Fresh flowers

I always like to have fresh flowers in my home – usually rescued from the reduced bucket in Tesco – however they very rarely make their way into my bedroom. With the start of Spring bringing beautiful blooms why not place a bunch in your boudoir? They’ll bring the outside in and freshen up your room with their pretty aroma.

No.2 Get comfy

A comfy bed isn’t complete without a big snuggly throw to make you feel like Lenny Henry in a Premier Inn advert! Mine is a thick, soft and silky throw from BHS Home. Throws are an easy way of updating a bedroom and with the addition of some matching cushions give it a touch of style – why should chic bed linen only be for boutique hotels? I like to put on my cat pyjamas and snuggle down with a good book or magazine. Make sure to have some reading material on your bedside table and make the time for reading before bed as it’s a great stress reliever – no one wants to hit the sack with a million thoughts in your head or worrying over the day’s woes.


No.3 Music

If you’re anything like me then lying in bed in complete silence can make you feel more awake than you did out of it, so I like to have the radio playing. The bedroom should only include beautiful items so invest in a radio that compliments your bedroom decor – you can’t beat a Roberts radio!


No.4 Candles

There’s no denying that scented candles are one of the easiest ways to set a relaxed atmosphere. I have a few that I rotate depending on my mood and light one in my bedroom every morning and night. This one was given as a gift from a relative after a stay at Center Parcs – if the scent transports you to a relaxing place, you’ve found the perfect bedroom candle!


No.5 Room fragrance

Another way to add fragrance if you’re worried about naked flames is to buy a good quality room fragrance spray. These perfumes for your home bring a touch of ‘posh hotel’ and certainly don’t smell like cheap aerosols. A couple of sprays will set the mood and if you are a troubled sleeper try Lavender to bring serenity. I keep mind among a cluster of my favourite perfume bottles on my chest of drawers.


So why not have an early night tonight? Set the mood with some of my tips and enjoy a dreamy nights sleep!

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This blog post was made in collaboration with Direct Blinds who are encouraging bloggers to showcase their bedroom sanctuaries.


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