The sweetest of trios: Lush mini shower gels


Lush mini shower gel – Little pots of fragrance!

Bath time for me is a time to relax and pamper myself, while showers are quick hose downs each morning, but even when I’m in a dash I like to treat myself to a quick pamper pick-me-up! These cute little 100ml shower gel bottles from Lush are so sweet smelling that even after a quick shower the bathroom is left with a lingering fragrance. Plus, as a total beauty addict, I love to switch up my products and with three choices of shower gel on the shelf I’m spoilt for choice.

My current favourite Lush shower gel is Rose Jam (can you tell from the almost empty bottle?!). It smells divine and I could slather it over me all day! Unfortunately as a Limited Edition fragrance stores aren’t currently stocking it (please bring out more!). Some Lush fragrances I enjoy in small doses, like Snow Fairy (a Christmas Limited Edition) and if I need a sugar hit it’s the sweetest of them all. It’s Raining Men with honey and exotic flowers is the middle man with a combination of sweet and floral and it can be used by both men and women – an excuse for my fiancé to steal some in the shower!

These 100ml bottles make great little sample purchases before committing to larger bottles and are perfect for travelling. The heavy aromas make them 2 in 1 shower wash come perfume and leave your skin smelling gorgeous.

Leave your suggestions in the comment box below for which Lush shower gel I should try next?!

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5 thoughts on “The sweetest of trios: Lush mini shower gels

  1. I love Lush… It’s a stop I always make when I’m in the big city! I’ll have to try one of the shower gels next time… Thanks for the suggestions!

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