Timeless: The Links of London Greenwich Dial Gold Plated Watch

Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 1Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 2

Craftsmanship, style, simplicity…

These three words are what I associate with Links of London, a company so well respected that it’s hard to believe they were only founded in 1990, after a simple request for a pair of fish cufflinks.

Having never had the pleasure of owning an item from this prestigious jewellers, I was over the moon when an email arrived in my inbox one day from their press office. Blogging certainly has its privileges and this was a very special one indeed!

I picked out this stunning gold plated watch, in a style I’ve been hankering over for a long time. Its simple precision and style allow me to wear a touch of luxury on my wrist everyday. Designed to be stacked with delicate yellow gold accessories it also makes the perfect partner for my Pandora charm bracelet.

Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 3Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 4

As I opened the case for the first time, I knew instantly I was going to wear this watch for many, many years. It has that perfect balance between fashion and use, designed with a large clear face, comfortable gold plated strap and additional small dial that counts seconds. A chic accessory for everyday use as well as looking stylish teamed with occasion wear, there’s nothing this watch can’t be worn with. I even wore it for a run on the beach the other day!

Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 5Links_Of_London_Gold_Watch2 6

This Greenwich Dial Bracelet Watch has filled the missing piece of my jewellery box and still gives me butterflies every time I wear it. Instead of looking at the time I just gaze into its pretty face! If you have a special birthday coming up why don’t you head on over to the Links of London website and pick something out – or share a link to this post to drop a hint!

Let me know in the comment box below if you own a piece of jewellery from Links of London and tell me how you came to own it!

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