3 spring clearing hacks for the home!


It’s the season of spring cleaning and I’m definitely in the mood for some DIY and upcycling! The brighter days have brought sunshine streaming through our windows, kindly highlighting the areas of our home that could do with a bit of a clean or redecoration. It’s also the time of year that many of us have a clear out (it’s surprising how much junk can gather over the period of a year!), so in the spirit of things, and spurred on by Space Station, I’m sharing three ideas that I’ve implemented in my home that help to achieve a smarter, cleaner and tidier house!

1) Say goodbye to bathroom clutter

cabinet copy_MG_8659

When we bought our house there was absolutely no storage in the bathroom. For a girl who has many lotions and potions this needed to be resolved quickly! Having a bathroom full of bottles certainly doesn’t help achieve a space for relaxation and pampering so I set about finding a solution.

I discovered this beautiful pine unit from a local vintage/antique warehouse, which I reckon was originally the top of a corner dresser or a kitchen cabinet. Priced at £30 I knew I could turn it into just what I wanted! I gave it a good sand down followed by a coat of primer and once dry, gave it two coats of eggshell white paint. To keep my bottles concealed from view, I used some frosted film from Purlfrost to cover the glass in the cabinet door. This was really easy to apply, all I had to do was cut it to size, spritz the back with water and slide it on, pushing out any trapped air bubbles with a credit card.

The final cost of the unit including the paint and film came in at just under £50. I never would had been able to purchase anything at that price in the shops and it keeps the bathroom tidy and bottle free!

2) Kitchen shelving for storage and style


Kitchen shelving is all the rage and is a great solution for creating additional storage space. Our kitchen is fairly small, so I put up these shelves from Wickes to save some valuable space in our cupboards. They cost me under £10 and I spray painted them to match our kitchen units. I now proudly display my cookery books, jars, pots and cocktail-making odds and sods!

3)  When your makeup collection gets out of hand…

makeup tray

Any self confessed beauty addict has a considerable amount of makeup that seems to find its way all over the house. This is something that drives my fiancé crazy so I wanted to find a practical storage solution to keep my collection tamed (and him pacified!). I bought a black glass-bottom tray from TK Maxx to stop my various lipsticks, brushes and compacts from spilling out across the top of the chest of drawers. I found a white filigree pot from Ikea to store my makeup brushes and used some old tea light holders to organise my concealers, mascaras and eyeliners. For my lipsticks and foundations, I discovered an old packaging box tucked away in the wardrobe that was perfect. It just goes to show that you don’t need to buy expensive makeup storage!

I hope these ideas are ones you can implement in your own home. They have certainly helped keep our home clutter free!

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Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Space Station who help to keep homes clutter free!


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