DIY t-shirt: Collaborating with Boohoo for #StyleForStroke


I’ve teamed up with Boohoo and the Stroke Association, the leading charity in the UK for people affected by stroke, to take part in their #StyleForStroke #FamousLastWords campaign.

In the last 20 years the number of people dying of stroke has halved while the number of major strokes has decreased by 40 per cent. More people than ever are benefitting from cutting-edge treatments and making full recoveries. And thanks to campaigns such as #StyleForStroke, people now understand the need to seek emergency treatment.

Combining fashion and fundraising, Boohoo sent me and other bloggers blank tees and fabric pens so that we could design a t-shirt for the campaign. The theme was ‘Famous Last Words’, so anything from a sassy one-liner to an inspiring mantra, and this got me thinking about words that have inspired me in the past.

Whenever I’m feeling down or have received bad news, one of the things that makes me feel better is sitting outside. This may sound odd at first, but there’s something about breathing in the fresh air and taking in the noises around you that helps you gain perspective on your troubles. Hearing birds chirping, the breeze on my face or even the pitter patter of rain awakens my senses to the beauty of the world, its power and enormity, and in that moment in time, I’m grateful to be alive and my troubles seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It definitely makes me appreciate how lucky I am, so I chose a phrase that summed up my mantra; ‘Be still and listen, the earth is singing’. I think this is so important in this busy world where it’s easy to get ‘preoccupied’ and immersed in our day-to-day routines when we hardly make the time just to be present in a moment.


I complimented my phrase with some tassel fringing at the bottom of the t-shirt and cut the sleeves off making it suitable for summer. Some doodled leaves framed my #FamousLastWords, and seemed fitting for the meaning behind them.

All bloggers t-shirts have been uploaded onto’s Style For Stroke competition page so readers, friends and family can vote for their favourite. Vote for mine for your chance of winning a £75 Boohoo voucher! Plus the winning tee will be put into production and be available to buy from as part of the Style for Stroke campaign with the Stroke Association.

You can also purchases tees designed by the likes of Zoella and Niomi Smart – so pay a visit today and support the cause!

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