The wedding diary #5: Music, invites and bridesmaid shopping!

Wedding planning illustration

Things have been a little hectic recently which has meant wedding planning has taken a back seat but it has been a while since I wrote my last wedding diary post so there are a few things to update you on!

Music makers

We’ve now booked the musical entertainment – I’m not going to reveal much more than this, but we are very excited because music is going to be featuring heavily throughout the day. We haven’t decided on songs yet, although I’m keeping a list as they pop into my head or on the radio. It’s going to be a mix of sounds that will take the day from a formal affair through to a knees-up but you’re just going to have to wait until after the big day to hear more!

Wedding thrift shopping

We’ve also been busy with some of the styling elements and I’m now officially addicted to eBay and Gumtree! We’re trying to keep the budget as lean as we can and I’ve grabbed some amazing bargains so far. There’s still so much to do in this area as I plan to be really hands on with making/baking but I’m conscious I don’t want to stretch myself too far with too many tasks.

The invites

I’ve also committed to designing the invites myself! This was at first a little scary as I’m in no way a pro at this sort of thing but I can find my way around Adobe Photoshop well enough to do the job. There was so much inspiration online but I couldn’t find anything I loved that wasn’t stupidly expensive so the choice to design the invites myself means we only need to pay the printing costs then a little more for a final flourish of decoration; they’ll also be exactly how we want them and personal and unique to us. It was really important to me that all the wedding stationary complimented each other so I’ve also set myself the task of designing the Order of Service, name places etc – I may regret this later!


London bridesmaid shopping

One of my bridesmaids, Heidi, also organised the most amazing weekend in London to go bridesmaid dress shopping. She made the sweetest itinerary which is going to take pride of place in my wedding scrapbook, and treated us to waffles and champers for breakfast! We had appointments booked at a few bridal boutiques (cue more champagne) and the girls looked so darn good in everything they tried on. I made the decision that I wanted something a little bit different so have chosen to have their outfits made by a dress maker, taking inspiration from fabrics and styles that we saw during our appointments. I treated the girls to afternoon tea as a thank you and now the hunt is on to find the right fabrics and turn the design in my head into reality!

With under 8 months to go, it’s all getting so exciting!

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