Capturing the Victorian tile trend at home


I’ve been lusting over patterned tiles for ages, especially when we moved into our house, and I still have plans to put some in our teeny tiny hallway. I adore Victorian mosaic tiles and was lucky enough to have a long hallway filled with them in one of the properties I was renting when I lived in London – there’s something so timeless and beautiful about mosaics.

However not all of us have a huge budget or the time to source the real thing, so Topps Tiles has designed a simple but stunning solution for adding some of that Victorian style into your home. The Henley Cool tile, with diamond lattice design, is a cost effective way of recreating the look and is available in three colour ways. With 15% currently off the ice blue design I may have to purchase some of these for my hallway! Whilst I was browsing the website, a couple of other collections that caught my eye were the new Archivo range and Stamford range – these would look gorgeous as a colourful kitchen splash back!

1.Topps-Tiles L46546_632292_R2

Topps Tiles challenged me to come up with a tile of my own, inspired by the trend, and I opted for a floral design, drawing inspiration from the beautiful painted tiles seen on Victorian fire places. I added a touch of personalisation with a monogram of our initials and our impending wedding date and built up the winding leaves and colourful floral pattern around this central motif.

Ceramic pens were my tool of choice and once I sketched out the design I added a black border to make it pop. My colourful design may break the mould but I wanted to have some fun!


Pay a visit to the Topps Tiles blog to draw some more patterned tile inspiration!

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