Cake decorating: Modelled ballerina cake

modelled sugarpaste BallerinaBallet cake decoratedBallerina cake faceBallerina cake modelled
Ballet cake pipingBallet cake decoration

I thought I’d share with you my latest cake!

My Aunty recently retired after 30 years as principal of her ballet school and we celebrated with a big surprise party. There were many guests so the cake had to be big and obviously ballet themed!

I sourced inspiration from Pinterest and decided I’d have a go at modelling a figure, something I’d never attempted before…

I have to admit I came up against a lot of problems modelling the ballerina but it taught me some tricks of the trade which I thought I’d share in case you ever come across the same cake-decorating issues!

The first problem I faced was dislocated legs and twisted ankles – definitely not the best for a ballerina! I applied the legs to the ballerina while they were still soft and they slowly distorted under the weight. I had to make them again but this time I bent them into shape and left them to harden before I applied them to the cake.

One of the biggest problems I came up against was that the modelling paste started to crack… badly! My ballerina aged 50 years within a few hours. I googled a solution and found a great tip from Peggy Porschen’s Cake Company. I mixed a little sugarpaste with some boiling water and mixed it until the texture resembled toothpaste. I painted this over the cracks and any imperfections and it smoothed out the surface. I then used a mini nail file to smooth this out further once dry. I also used this technique to smooth out ‘elephant skin’ on the sugarpaste that covered the cake.

The final problem came when my ballerina started loosing her limbs! This happened a few times and I had to use a paint brush to apply a little water to ‘glue’ them back together. To hide the ‘scarring’ I went over the cracks with a wet paint brush until the modelling paste turned a little gooey and used this to patch the imperfections.

Even though my modelled ballerina tested my patience I was really pleased with the results of the finished cake! I think the cause of some of my problems was that I added too much Tylose powder to my sugarpaste and it dried out (Tylose powder hardens sugarpaste and turns it into modelling paste). I hope these tips help you if you ever face the same difficulties!

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