The sweetest of trios: Lush mini shower gels

Lush mini shower gel – Little pots of fragrance! Bath time for me is a time to relax and pamper myself, while showers are quick hose downs each morning, but even when I’m in a dash I like to treat myself to a … Continue reading

My bedroom haven: Home tips to create a relaxed bedroom sanctuary

It’s National Bed Month, and because I love nothing more than sleep (I’m definitely not a morning person), I’m celebrating this month of duvets and fluffy pillows by sharing my top design tips for making the bedroom the perfect space for … Continue reading

Clear skin check list: How to fix spot-prone skin and adult acne

There’s SO much information out there on how to get rid of spots and acne. I spent a year suffering from adult acne and after some proper research and lots of trial and error I finally have it under control. … Continue reading

Lush cosmetics winter haul

What I bought with my Lush birthday vouchers… When I’ve had a tough day, there’s nothing better than plopping a colourful Lush product into my bath water to brighten up my mood while I wallow away the day’s stresses. I’ve had a … Continue reading

Lush Southampton Blogger Evening

Group photo courtesy of Jessica Eades Last Friday I was invited to Lush Cosmetics Southampton for an evening of face mask-making, colour readings and cupcakes! I’m a Lush fan so was excited to attend my first Lush event and meet … Continue reading

Space NK Haul: Some beauty bargains!

Today I thought I’d share some of the beauty bits I picked up online during the Space NK sale a few weeks ago. I’m a sucker for a bargain and can’t resist myself when it comes to a sale, and … Continue reading

Stocking up on Lush goodies

I like to have a big bag of Lush goodies ready to dive in to whenever I have a bath, and last week I reached in to discover one solitary bath bomb sitting at the bottom of the bag. This … Continue reading

Lush cosmetics pamper night in

There’s nothing like an evening of pampering to relax the mind and make your body feel loved from the outside in. I definitely don’t spend enough ‘me’ time so when I do my body sure does thank me for it! … Continue reading